Bellshill Senior Open for Lappin Trophy

This competition has been re-scheduled for Thursday 14th September.

All tee-off times from the original competition will be re-instated

New entries will also be accepted - contact Jean on 01698 745124.

Entry fee £8.00

Draft start sheet can be found here

Exposed Tree Roots

Tree Roots and R&A Response

Decision 33-8/8 Local Rule Providing Relief from Tree Roots

Q. May a Committee make a Local Rule providing relief without penalty if a player’s stroke is interfered with by exposed tree roots?

A. A Local Rule is authorised only if an abnormal condition exists. Generally, the existence of exposed tree roots is NOT abnormal. However, if the exposed tree roots are encroaching on to the fairway, a Committee would be authorised to make a Local Rule providing relief under Rule 25-1 for interference from exposed tree roots when a ball lies on a closely-mown area. The Committee may restrict relief to interference for the lie of ball and the area of intended swing. (Revised)

At present we have GUR on the left hand side of the 14th fairway due to exposed tree roots - affected area highlighted by white paint.



Course Update

Course maintenance July - 

Aeration to all greens & precaution fungicide applied. 

Followed by application of liquid feed + primomax.